Pool 2Mandalay is a beautiful hill top estate on the Caribbean island of Mustique which was built in the late 1980’s for the British rock legend David Bowie, in collaboration with renowned architects Arne Hasslqvist – known as ‘The man who built Mustique’ – and Robert Litwiller.

Built around a split level koi pond, waterfalls, and an infinity pool – which seemingly link the property to the Caribbean Sea – the estate offers guests the exclusive use of five generous bedroom suites, each with their own private veranda which lead straight to the infinity pool.  The property also offers several impressive reception rooms, a dining pavilion, games room, study, as well as a nExterior 2umber of private garden decks which are perfect for sunbathing, dining or relaxing.

In addition to the main property, Mandalay also offers guests the opportunity to utilise The Writer’s Cottage and The Studio, both of which provide guests with first-class self-contained, open plan accommodation away from the main house.


The property is a blend of ornate Balinese style, essential modern elements and Caribbean charm, providing guests with the ultimate in escapism.

It’s impossible for guests to escape the history of Mandalay with the fingerprints of previous owners throughout the property.  The Studio was originally David Bowie’s recording studio which he built when he first moved in to Mandalay, and The Writer’s Cottage was used regularly by poet and publisher Felix Dennis who wrote many of his most well-known pieces of work including “How to get rich” and “A glass half full” in the cottage.

Drawing Room 2Mandalay offers a team of nine on-site staff who are available to guests for their entire stay and will provide all meals, refreshments, housekeeping and also advise on activities on the island.   Mandalay’s on-site chef is able to cater for any dietary wants and needs, ensuring guests have the perfect, personalised experience.



My Garden By The Sea,
Written by Felix Dennis, previous owner of Mandalay

Oh, would you like to come with me,
Down to my garden by the sea,
Far, far away in Caribee?

Where the sun beats down from a lazy sky
And hammerhead clouds go sailing by;
Where the tor…tois…es…plod…oh…so…slow,
And the humming birds flash to and fro
By the lily ponds and the waterfalls,
Where geckos bask on sun-baked walls
Under the giant shak-shak tree –
Here in my garden, by the sea

Where the fireflies wink like fairy lights
Beneath tall palms on velvet nights,
And the scent of the frangipani flowers
As tree-frogs whistle in the wee-wee hours,
And the hiss of the surf in a starlit glow
While sail boats rock in the bay below,
Rocking, rocking, silently –
Beneath my garden, by the sea.

Let’s run away, just you and me,
Down to my garden by the sea,
Far, far away in Caribbee!