Weather in Mustique

As you would expect from an island on the Caribbean, Mustique enjoys a warm and sunny climate year round. With temperatures ranging anywhere from 21 to 31 degrees celsius, whatever time of year you visit you will be able to enjoy all of the activities available across Mustique island and of course enjoy the amazing surroundings of Mandalay Estate.

Current Mustique Weather

The Warmest Month in Mustique

Whilst the island experiences a mild climate year round, the warmest month is usually May with an average temperature of 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit). The sea temperature around Mustique also averages at a mild 27 degrees during May.

The Coolest Months in Mustique

Even during the island’s cooler months, the temperature is still mild. January and February tend to have an average temperature of 27 degrees, with the sea temperature also around 26-27 degrees.

Average Weather in Mustique

Month Average temperature (degrees celsius) Average Sea Temperature (degrees celsius)
January 27 26
February 27 27
March 28 27
April 29 27
May 30 27
June 29 28
July 29 27
August 29 28
September 29 28
October 29 28
November 29 28
December 28 27

Enjoy the Mustique Weather Yourself

With such mild climates year-round, any time is the perfect time to visit Mustique. Visit our about page to discover more about Mandalay Estate or contact us to discover how you could stay in your own luxury private villa on the island.